Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How-To: Make a No-sew Pillowcase

Moving into my chapter house for the third year meant a new room, new bed and new pillows! While I was in Turkey this summer I picked up two new pillow cases and I am obsessed with them. Unfortunately they don't match my big pillow! I love the case my mother made, it has a pom pom trim, but I need something that matches. Unfortunately I don't have a sewing machine here and didn't want to bother my mother to make a new one, so I searched around online for a way to tie up a pillowcase without lifting a stitch. This is how I ended up tieing my new pillowcase, with my old pillow and a $2 sheet from Salvation Army (washed several times). 

1. Pick a fabric you love and a pillow you want covered. Make sure the fabric is at least twice the length and width of the pillow. 
2. Cut the elastic off or any weird trim, if there is any on your fabric. 

3. Lay your pillow in the middle of the fabric. 

4. Fold the fabric over the pillow so it covers the pillow completely. 

5. Fold the corners into points. 

6. Tie the two ends together in the middle of the pillow. 

7. Make sure ties are snug and tie it into a knot.

8. Tuck the tails into the knot or behind it, using a saftey pin if needed to make sure the tails stay hidden. 

Happy decorating!


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