Monday, September 15, 2014

Dear Diary, "Jerseys" is not a theme

Riff Raff, our inspiration.
For some reason, the fraternity men on my campus think that "Jerseys" is a suitable theme for a date party function. No just any function, but all of them. Bid Day date parties used to be nice events where the girls got to throw on their favorite semi formal dress and take cute pictures with their dapper dates. Unfortunatley, those days are long behind us. We now don gigantic jerseys, cutoff shorts and converse while our dates look like they rolled straight off the set of that one episode of Gossip Girl where Chuck plays basketball. It's one of the trashiest things our Greek system does. 
 Happier, classier times of Bid Day's past.
I hate jerseys, I hate the jersey theme, and I refuse to wear them as a personal form of rebellion. Last year I wore a romper to one fraternity's date party cause I was going with the president and therefore considered myself the first lady of the date party. 
The next night me and my friends went to a different bid day date party in our own "jerseys" as Team Miley (this was before the 2013 VMA's) so I wore a tank top, tulle skirt and glitter hairspray. 
This year I opted for a hand-painted tank top that says "jerseys are for chasing" and my phone in my running armband. It wasn't an ideal bid day outfit, but it was comfortable. Thank goodness my date has weathered many date parties with me and my eccentric costumes and didn't even raise an eyebrow when I told him I was going rogue. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear Diary, wrapping up with Bid Day 2014

This is one of my last posts on The Endless Diary. It's been over a year and I've loved getting to get a feel for the blogosphere and learning a few things about being a blogger. It is my senior year though and I'm already beginning to feel disconnected from the sorority world. So I started a new blog, Style by Sophie that focuses more on fashion and hopefully can carry me past graduation. 

Here are a few Insta pics from my chapter's bid day in August. This year we got 85 of the cutest, smartest girls on campus and we couldn't be more proud! I am also quite proud of how the t-shirts turned out, everyone looked great! Bid day is one of the happiest days of the year and I am so glad I got to experience it one last time as an active. 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to: Make Pom Pom Push Pins

What's better than an Anthropologie find? An Anthropologie DIY! I found this Pom Pom Pushpin how-to off this BuzzFeed article with all kinds of Anthro DIY's. I chose the poms cause they were cheap, easy and quick to make! The original instructions came from One Sheepish Girl, but this is how I did it!
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Flat push pins

1. Take your yarn and wrap it around the fork, similar to how you wrap spaghetti on a fork.
2. The width of the yarn depends on how many times you should spool it before stopping, but with my skinny yard I used a little less than two yards of yarn. Once you feel like your pom is fat enough, cut the string. Cut a 5 inch string to tie the bundle around the middle, threading it through the middle of the fork. Tie it as tightly as possible. 
3. Next, cut all the loops with your scissors. 
4. Your pom will start to look something like this, don't worry if the strings aren't all even, you can trim it up later. 
5. If there is a noticeable gap in your pom where the string is tied, you may have to put a little hot glue along the middle and lightly pinch the two sides together. 
6. Take a push pin and put a dab of hot glue on the flat side.
7. Carefully stick the pushpin, flat side forward, onto the pom pom. I recommend using the flat-ish side of the pom where the knot is tied. 
8. Now trim all the wonky pieces of yarn. Don't be afraid! The shorter you trim the more it looks like a pom pom ball you'd buy in the store.
There you have it- a pom pom push pin! Perfect for decorating your office, dorm, bedroom or kitchen, as well as a gift for anyone who needs a little extra fluff in their life! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How-To: Make a No-sew Pillowcase

Moving into my chapter house for the third year meant a new room, new bed and new pillows! While I was in Turkey this summer I picked up two new pillow cases and I am obsessed with them. Unfortunately they don't match my big pillow! I love the case my mother made, it has a pom pom trim, but I need something that matches. Unfortunately I don't have a sewing machine here and didn't want to bother my mother to make a new one, so I searched around online for a way to tie up a pillowcase without lifting a stitch. This is how I ended up tieing my new pillowcase, with my old pillow and a $2 sheet from Salvation Army (washed several times). 

1. Pick a fabric you love and a pillow you want covered. Make sure the fabric is at least twice the length and width of the pillow. 
2. Cut the elastic off or any weird trim, if there is any on your fabric. 

3. Lay your pillow in the middle of the fabric. 

4. Fold the fabric over the pillow so it covers the pillow completely. 

5. Fold the corners into points. 

6. Tie the two ends together in the middle of the pillow. 

7. Make sure ties are snug and tie it into a knot.

8. Tuck the tails into the knot or behind it, using a saftey pin if needed to make sure the tails stay hidden. 

Happy decorating!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dear Diary, popsicles are perfect

I spent a few perfect weeks in Dallas when I was home this summer. One of the coolest places we discovered is Steel City Pops, a shop dedicated solely to selling the most delicious popsicles in Dallas. Their menu ranges from tasty and traditional to wacky and wonderful. The pops are made in small batches from local produce. Always organic and sometimes vegan, these pops really push the boundaries of this traditional summer treat! Their menu board is split into two categories, Fruity and Creamy. I had the Hibiscus pop, but a few of my other options included Blood Orange, Blueberry Basil, Pineapple JalapeƱo, Strawberry Balsamic and Sweet Tea. Creamy options included Caramel, Chocolate Chili, Vanilla Bean and Peanut Butter. When we went, more people than you would imagine had green pops- they were Avocado! I'm dying to try it. 
My Hibiscus Pop
Mama and her Coconut Pop
The line wrapped down the street but it was quick and worth the wait. If you're in the Dallas or Fort Worth area you must stop by!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dear Diary, meet the twosie

Asos Reclaimed Vintage crop top and skirt
Rompers are one of my favorite trends because like a dress, one piece can be the entire outfit. Onesies are also great because the shorts factor keeps you feeling secure and ready for wherever the morning/afternoon/evening will take you. The problem with onesies, like with one-piece swimsuits, is that in order to go to the bathroom, you essentially must strip down to nothing to get your business done. This can be incredibly awkward, uncomfortable and without a doubt annoying. Luckily the fashion industry heard this, and the twosie was born. 
Asos Lotus Floral Frill top and skirt
This matching top and bottom trend has been around for a few seasons and I'm totally in love. Both pieces worn together makes you look trendy, and each piece can function on its own in your closet! Three options for two pieces? What a deal. 
ASOS Palm Beach Twosie 
If you are looking at this trend and think, "How odd, this is how toddlers dress," that's okay. Certain prints and styles are a bit more Hanna Anderson circa 1996, but there are plenty of options out there. Unfortunately not all stores have caught up to the 'twosie' lingo, so finding these sweet sets can sometimes be tricky. Luckily has picked it up and has twosies (and onesies) easily accessible on their website. 
Asos In Floral Print jacket and shorts
The matching jacket and bottoms are a look I'd love to rock in the office, but I'm pretty sure you'd have to be working in a very relaxed environment, or at least one that encourages trying all kinds of fashion trends to get away with it! Don't eliminate this trend too soon though- the midi length skirts with the matching top or jacket would be a perfect look for any working girl. Just be careful not to have an exposed stomach! The more fitted twosies look better with a little midriff while the looser cut styles can happily meet in the middle. 
American Apparel Raglan top and skirt