Friday, January 31, 2014

Poem of the Week: the Epitome of Junior Year

an original poem
by Sophie Orlich

Tonights nightly events,
if the time permits,  
include a fraternity semi-formal, 
but instead of planning like normal, 
I've taken the laid-back route, 
that junior year salutes- 
When I woke up in my bed, 
I ran this checklist through my head:

Do I have a date?
Do I have a wristband?
Do I have a dress?
Do I know have shoes?
What about my hair?
My make-up?

And then I went back to bed.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dear diary, check out this cute company!

This cute new company called The Lettered Company reached out to me last week. I checked them out and it's a fresh jewelry company started by a Kappa Kappa Gamma alumna out of Washington D.C. 

They make rings, necklaces, lavalieres, and earrings. Currently their only ready-made stuff is KKG, but special orders can be made for your sorority. Right now our chapter has an open custom order for Chi Omega lavaliere's, so if you're interested please let me know! They are $22 each and come in gold and silver. Here is a link to their website so you can check them out yourself!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dear Diary, the First Week of Being T-Shirt Chair, a poem

An original poem by Sophie Orlich

The first week of classes,
Might move like molasses.
But if you’re the t-shirt chair,
You’re losing your hair!
Date party shirts,
Come with opinion quirks.
You can’t make everyone happy,
Even the dates were getting sassy!
Winter gear is fun I guess,
But the deadlines are longer than the rest (1/26).
Licensing laws are a new thorn in my side, 
Why can't you just let some things slide?
A surprise order you need in less than a week?
It feels like I’m up a creek!
But wait, I’ve got to attend classes too?
And work a part time job?! (I need money- it’s true!)
Don’t even get me started on the mess I was left,
Organization certainly was not kept.
Thankfully my assistant rocks,
And is on board to get ChiO socks!
Meetings, retreats, passouts and planning,
This job takes a fair amount of manning.
But I know I’m in for a treat,

Because I cant imagine a job more sweet!


Dear Diary, NYC Part 3: Sightseeing

·      American Museum of Natural History - “It was like the first Valentine’s Day after the war.” That’s how my best friend described it, and she was pretty accurate – it was couple central. But the museum itself was really cool, I loved all the life size animals sprinkled throughout like the dinosaurs in the entrance, the tiger in the rainforest, and the giant whale suspended from the ceiling in the aquatic area. I’m not sure if it’s a permenant feature, but there was an entire section with rocks that was really neat. The museum as a whole was oddly dark which was a bit annoying but we had a great time.
·      Brooklyn Bridge – It was too cold to walk there from Ground Zero, but on a nice day we easily could have. Instead, we did opted for the quicker lazy option by hailing a cab and having him take us to the Brooklyn side of the bridge. We hopped out, snapped some pics of the iconic landmark and scurried back to the semi-warmth of the city. After consulting our friend who goes to school in New York, we jumped in another cab and headed for Williamsburg for lunch- there’s not much to eat around the foot of the bridge.
·      Central park – My favorite place in NYC, the day we went there was snow on the ground everywhere but it was pleasant enough to walk through. Some of the trails were icy and the sailboat pond (where Jenny facilitated a drug deal in season 3 of Gossip Girl) was frozen solid. A gang of squirrels tried to attack us and it was touch-and-go there for a while but somehow we escaped. It was really beautiful to walk through – I’d never seen it snow covered! It was just fabulous.
·      Fifth Avenue – See my post on shopping here.
·      FIT Museum – Only one museum exhibit was open but it was really interesting little interactive display. “Trendology” (the study of fashion trends) was the subject and is apparently a new thing you can study at FIT. Where was I when this was happening and is it too late to transfer?
·      Ground Zero – It was raining when we got here and so windy that it was coming down horizontally. We took the subway straight down the island from Times Square to the World Trade Center memorial, got off and were lost for the next 25 minuets because of the construction and lack of information. Even our phones weren’t much help. We eventually figure out where the entrance was to the memorial and luckily they were offering free tickets to the people walking up cause we had not done the online pre-reservation. The memorial itself was nice, sad and slightly anticlimactic. It could have been so cool if we could have learned something new from the experience but the memorial didn’t tell me anything that any American born after 1995 (and pretty much everyone else on Earth) could tell you. The information pamphlets were worded as if this was a little known event that needed to be spelled out for a child, which I guess is fine for someone from another country who maybe doesn’t know much about world history, but it seemed overly simplified and not informative whatsoever to me or my friends. There was no explanation behind the design or significance of the memorial or anything of that nature. The only tour option was one given by a family member who passed away in the event which was way too personal and none of us wanted to cry that morning. The most significant thing about my entire experience there had nothing to do with what they built but with a woman’s personal reaction to the memories connected to that event and this location. All in all it was a very awkward experience.
·      Rockefeller Center – Chilly but fun, they still had their Christmas decorations up and we got to interact with the crowds craning to see the skaters below. The Free People across the street is fab and so is the J. Crew, Longchamp store and Anthropologie around the square. The NBC store is also on the corner next to the 30 Rock building; we went in last year but skipped it this time.
·      The Met – Who doesn’t love the Met? There’s something for everyone and we got to spend a few hours looking around at all the art, catching on to random tours and pointing out famous works of art. Also we spent some time sitting down, resting and warming up because the hour long walk we took from our hotel nearly froze us solid. If you go soon don’t miss this cool exhibit going on right now featuring jaw-dropping jewelry by JAR.

·      Times Square – What can only be the origin of the phrase “bright lights, big city”, Times Square is a wild, loud, overwhelming experience and yet never changes. We got discount tickets for Cinderella when we went under the red stairs. It was too cold while we were there for the mounted NYPD officers to walk around which is pretty much the only thing I like about the square other than the Sephora, which is amazing.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dear Diary, NYC Part 2: Food

Cafeteria – Although Maddie was skeptical (“If it’s anything like Lubby’s we’re leaving”), it was amazing. American style food in its chicest form, it was expensive but worth every penny. If you go, get the mac and cheese with the gouda and bacon or the mac and cheese with the truffle oil because they were both to die for. Also the Parmesan cheese fries were good, and the turkey burger and the calamari salad. Also the bathroom looked like it was from the future and might have been the coolest thing we saw all day.
·      Crooked Tree – our NYC girlie took us here when me and Maddie came last year and it was totally delicious, so delicious that we actually ate here twice. CT is this cute little crepe bistro that serves the best sangria in the city. Their original special recipe red is my favorite, Maddie and Annabelle liked the white mango the best but they were all delicious. Maddie got the s’more crepe, I got chocolate strawberry and coconut and Annabelle’s first one was literally on fire (she said it was good) and ordered a second one like mine but with extra coconut (she regrets nothing).
·      The Meatball Shop – We met my mother at this meatball restaurant chain in the Upper East Side for dinner and wow it was so delicious! The interior of the store reminded me of the cooler version of a Potbelly Sandwich shop. They primarily sold meatballs and you could pair them with any number of sides, breads or pastas.  There were several different types of meatballs and several sauces so you could mix and match however you wanted. Their sangria was great, and so was their food! I got two sliders and a single (classic beef with red sauce, chicken with parm sauce, and vegetarian with mushroom sauce). For dessert we had their  homemade ice cream sandwiches that also were offered in a mix-and-match fashion and were totally incredible.
·      Noodies – amazing Thai place in the theater district, best wall decorations, so tiny the chairs didn’t have backs but the best Pad Thai ever and the deep-fried plum ice cream was to die for. They were open late and it was a beautiful accident that we ended up there. The guy at the table next to us took off his sweatshirt and unintentionally intentionally flashed us a six-pack so amazing that Maddie was flustered for the rest of the meal.
·      Serendipity – NYC must-see this whimsical restaurant was a perfect place after a Broadway show. The cold weather discouraged customers and they’re open till midnight so we had no problem getting a table for four when we walked in at ten. We shared a pasta plate and the famous frozen hot chocolate. Dylan’s candy bar was down the street.
·      Shake Shack – delicious burger, fries and milkshake – black&white = vanilla with chocolate syrup WOW so amazing! Super crowed but we went at like 3pm and it wasn’t too bad.
·      Starbucks – We stepped in a Starbucks at least once a day, weather it was to escape the cold, get a drink or both. You literally can’t throw a stone and not hit one in Manhattan.
·      Toasties on 7th – somewhat off the beaten path but it was close to the FIT museum. Yummy handmade sandwiches and a huge variety of chips.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dear Diary, NYC Part 1: Shopping Always Reins Supreme

The high points from my most recent trip to NYC, first and foremost, shopping. 

Williamsburg , Brooklyn
Shopping was fun, lots of cute places, some retail some vintage or a mix of both. I bought some cute button earrings before one of my crippling migraines started creeping in. I took my medicine and we pushed onwards, we were in New York! The show must go on!

Armarcord (another recommendation from our local correspondent) and it was just lovely, designer vintage pieces at reasonable prices. Annabelle got a cute black sweater for $25 and I got a great gold fringe necklace for $35.

In God We Trust was my second favorite store and although I did not buy anything, I wanted to. They had a little display case of gold lockets that looked innocent enough from afar, but when you got up close you realized each had a tiny inscription handwritten in old-school cursive. These inscriptions were sassy and hilarious- phrases like “In it to win it”, “Fuck off” “BORING” and “Really fucking cute”. I almost bought the “Best fucking friends” heart necklace set but it was expensive and those edges looked sharp.

East Village, Manhattan
Wow I love the East V! Just one stop from Brooklyn yet an entirely new world. The first thrift/vintage/resale shop we tumbled into was El Train Vintage and I so badly wanted to buy the whole store. It was chalk-full of amazing vintage finds but at almost thrift store prices.
Buffalo Exchange – Buffalo is such a hit or miss experience, this one was a hit though! The workers were so nice and friendly and clearly friends with each other in the best way. Annabelle found a ton of great things and I snagged a fabulous goose down packable grey/neon coral puffer vest for $26.
Gap – the Gap Body has its own shop at this location and honestly we only ducked in to get out of the cold but as usual they were having a great sale and as usual I bought something; an unbelievably soft long sleeved yoga top for $7.
Anthropologie - this Anthro on fifth is amazing, spacious, and almost the entire basement was sale items. We ended up cabbing it to the SoHo store so I could get the Rivulet quilt in a twin cause we found it on sale in a queen in that store.
East Village Thrift on Second avenue was weird and the guy who said “I guess” when we asked him if he worked there was kind of crazy but I got some great earrings and a gold ring with an S embossed on it for $13 total.

Greenwich Village, Manhattan
Right next door to the East Village, Greenwich is the location of the famous Friends apartment (which we regrettably have yet to track down). With Washington Square Park as its memorable landmark and abundance of shopping and eateries, I love visiting this area of Manhattan.
Goodwill  – By far the nicest Goodwill I've ever been in. It doesn't even smell bad because the workers constantly spray air freshener and instead of carpet the store has hardwood floors. The prices are a bit steeper than the Goodwill stores in Oklahoma and Texas, but still very cheap. The cashier was super nice and gave us great directions to other thrift shops in the area. I got a red American Apparel Skater dress for $15, a reversible vintage top for $7, and tried on a great Ralph Lauren formal dress that I decided I didn't need but it was in perfect condition. 

Star Struck – I got a great cape here last year, it's a block or two east of Goodwill. Sort of pricy but you can find some good deals here, its all vintage threads. It's a bit crowded but very well organized. 

Housing Works – 5 blocks from Goodwill, this store sold thrift clothes and home goods, and was like a thrifty bare bones West Elm. I got a preppy white skirt and a half zip Champion work out top all for $20. They had some amazing cowhide ottomans that were hard to walk away from but being as I wont live in an apartment until 2015, I had to say no.
Angel Street Vintage Shop - We just popped into this place for a second. They mostly had furniture and home goods, but I found a cool feather double ring for $1. It's right down the street from Housing Works so it's an easy place to swing by. 
Monk - around the corner from Goodwill, near Washington Square Park, this shop had terrible employees. Two girls who were working there didn’t speak to us the entire time. The store was full of damaged pieces that were marked at least ten times their value; the whole thing was absurd.I tried on a great pair of high waisted caramel leather shorts here around this time last year and they were still there, in even worse condition and if it’s even more possible- more overpriced. This time I did find a really soft red circle scarf in the sale section in the back so I did buy it, but not happily. Its safe to say I won’t be returning there.
Upper East Side
Fifth Avenue – Oh 5A, such a magical place. We walked up it from 42nd till we hit the park, popping in one incredible flagship store after another. Most store’s holiday decorations were still up so that was really fun to see. My personal favorite was the Bergdorf Goodman store because they went with a simplistic snow-covered wood and bird theme that was just stunning.
The Apple store at the beginning/end of the shops is underground and always looks so cool but I’ve never been in, I can only imagine it being quite hectic down there. For some reason there were lines outside both Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch which are probably the two stores that are disgracing the avenue the most so that was incredibly confusing.
The Tiffany & Co. store is a must-see (yes, that Tiffany’s), if nothing else for the photo opp.

Henry Bendel’s is another can’t-miss for fashionistas and GG girls as it was one of Blair’s favorite shopping spots (sadly the headband section is no longer there – times have changed since queen B ruled Manhattan!).

My heart aches. Take me back now.