Friday, September 20, 2013

Dear Diary, this #FollowFriday look no further than Sarah Vickers

This summer while perusing Instagram for someone fun to follow, I stumbled upon Sarah Vickers (@sarahkjp) and it changed my life. She is a twenty-something brunette blogger (Classy Girls Wear Pearls) from the Cape Cod area who lives an unreal life of all things nautical, preppy and classic. Her style is inspiring and impeccable. Her hobbies include riding on her cruiser bike, her cute cat, and being fabulous. The social events she attends and posts pictures about seem fake, staged even. But its just an average day for her.

Don’t believe her life is real? Just check out her beau Kiel James Patrick (@kjp) who never seems to leave her side and posts pictures from events they attend together so if you follow both of them, you get different angles on the same event. Every picture they’re in looks like a Brookes Brother’s ad. 

KJP has his own clothing line of crisp button downs, neckwear, belts and bracelets- all hand made in America. He’s been called the best-kept secret in American handmade wares. His passion for quality and integrity comes through in everything his company produces. Did I mention he's done collaborations with Brooks Brothers?

Sarah has her own line of adorable bow bracelets and headbands pictured here:

Additionally for women KJP makes a scalloped oxford shirt I’m absolutely obsessed with, bags, bracelets and Drift Knot earrings.

So basically go follow Sarah and Kiel on Instagram right now, it will always be the best thing on your newsfeed and fuel the fire of jealousy that you're not living on the east coast.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dear Diary, it's guarent'TEE'd to be a great semester!

I am the fashion columnist for The Odyssey at OU, a weekly newspaper written by Greeks, for Greeks. Each edition is published in print and online every Thursday, and my articles will be published here too because there is more freedom with format and pictures so I get to make the articles look like I envisioned them to. So here it is, my first article of the semester- enjoy!

When life gives you t-shirts, make outfits. 
Welcome to a new semester! Starting the school year means new books, new supplies and most importantly new t-shirts! Of course the typical uniform is a giant t-shirt, Nike shorts and some kind of Nikes/Chacos/Tory Burch sandals, but since it’s the beginning of the year and maybe you’d like to step it up a bit, you know give the appearance that you have your life together (cause at this point in the semester hopefully you still do).


My favorite way to dress up a plain t-shirt is by tucking it into my favorite high-waisted lace shorts. It’s clean, flattering and the lace adds texture to the ensemble. Most of my t-shirts are oversized so another way to wear the shorts is by leaving your shirt untucked and letting the lace peak out from under the shirt. I did that on Bid Day this year and it was comfy and cute! With the outfit pictured in the top left I paired it with shimmery silver earrings and a glittery shoulder bag from J. Crew. Adding these touches of sparkle adds more depth to the outfit while keeping a simple color scheme.


Another option is wearing a fun skirt under your shirt. This is a cute way to add a girly touch to your top! With a skirt you can add a bow, pearls, Kendras, or anything Kate Spade. Look for a light fabric with a print if you are wanting to pair it with a large t-shirt. This way it won’t look lumpy under the cotton shirt. A print is good because your shirt is solid and probably not too exciting so a fun patter is the perfect way to add some personal style. In the example (top right) I paired the purple frocket tee with a silk black and white, knife-pleated skirt, Sam Edelman sandals, Kate Spade gold link bracelet and layered a Kendra Scott necklace over a J. Crew necklace.

You could also your t-shirt with classic chino shorts. J. Crew makes a great short with three inch and five inch seams so you can choose whichever is more comfortable for you. They come in a wide range of colors that are easy to match with lots of your shirts. If you’re looking for a high-waist option I’m sure you can find them at retail stores but all mine are from Goodwill or Salvation army, I just get them hemmed! Kim’s Tailor off of Main is my favorite tailor here in Norman. I paired it with a navy scrunchie from American Apparel, a navy Longchamp and tortoise shell sunglasses from Nordstrom’s for a perfect sporty look.

If you like the clean, simple high-waisted look, another great option is the tucked in high-waisted skirt. It’s a more feminine so pairing it with a bow, a cute headband or another girly accessory is necessary. In the example picture in the bottom left I matched the tee with a plum skirt (another item I got from Goodwill then hemmed), white bow, plum Kendra Scott teardrop earrings and white Ked’s for a sweet southern look. Adding a little cat eye eyeliner and pink blush would top of this outfit perfectly.

For most women on campus I know that what we wear to class almost always requires zero effort, zero thought and zero planning because who really has time for that on a regular basis? But for those special occasions where one needs to look presentable I hope these ensembles created some inspiration for those days. Plus on our close-knit campus you never know when you’ll run into someone so looking good is never a bad thing!


P.S. If you want to check out the print version I'm on page 11 of the OU Odyssey, my article is mentioned on the cover- a first for me!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dear Diary, it's finally complete- my birthday wish list

The crown always fit.

I always loved having a September birthday because everyone is still excited about being back on campus, about seeing old friends and making new ones, and my birthday is right at the start of football season so there is always plenty of excitement in the air.

I say everyone deserves more than a day to celebrate getting older, you should spend an entire week soaking up every bit of greatness that comes with it being your birthday thus, it is officially my birthweek. And this is no ordinary birthweek, no, this is my 21st birthweek.

This year my mother told me that she wanted to get me something special for this milestone birthday, something that would last me for at least the next five years. So I spent all summer thinking, researching and ranking my options and this is what I came up with:
Birthday Wish List

*An Unlimited American Airlines pass and a trust fund not listed.