Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dear Diary, where is my puppy in Prada?

I was so excited to come across this article on Pinterest this morning on The Best-Dressed Animals on Instagram by Who What Wear. I'm all about following fashion accounts on Instagram, I practically have to hunt for my friends posts cause my feed is cluttered with chic bloggers, cute crafts, and phenomenal fashion. These cute, furry friends with owners who have ample time, energy and trendy accessories and are the purrrrrfect addition to my feed! Plus it helps me hold off my need for a puppy (or bunny!) of my own. Check it out!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dear Diary, my spring wish list

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe, plus my favorite season! Warm weather, bright colors and sunny skies put me in the mood to buy everything. Here's a wishful list of things I'd like to call my own... 
Lilly Pulitzer January Scallop Hem Skort

Anthropologie Tiled Wide-Legs
These comfy, moroccan print pants are unique and come in tall!
Madewell Transport Rucksack
I want a new backpack because I'm studying abroad in Turkey and this one is the perfect combo of preppy and eclectic! 

Kiel James Patrick Bow Bracelet - Nantucket Summer Regatta
I've been milling over which of these precious bow bracelets from KJP I want ... but I've settled on this one. Just imagining it on the end of a sweater cuff is dreamy!

Women's Polka Dot Crewneck Rashguard
Ever since J. Crew came out with chic rashguards for adults last year, I've been hunting for the perfect one. This one is preppy, polkadot and my favorite color - navy!

West Elm Chevron Crewel Pillow Cover
Weird I know and I'm the first person to say I hate chevron, but it would be the perfect accent to my fuchsia/navy color scheme on my bed. It's more tribal and less chevron anyway - right?

ASOS Tall Bandeau Romper
Black? Check. Strapless? Check. Comes in tall? Check. Looks like a dress but its actually a romper? Check. 

Tory Burch Tumbled Metallic Miller Sandal
Thanks to Tory I've learned that my favorite type of leather is tumbled, and gold is my favorite color so these are a must-have. 

Lilly Skipper Printed Popover
The chic-est way to be warm and comfy on cool summer nights. Plus I just love blue and blue!

Lilly Colleen Romper
This roper is perfect and can go from casual to dressy. Plus my best friend's name is Colleen so it's fate- right?

Seda France Japanese Quince Diffuser 
This scent always reminds me of recruitment, so naturally I want to drown in it. 

Jon Hart Bottle Carrier
What is wine if you can take it with you?

Jack Rogers Monogrammed Sandal
I've worn my Tory sandals to the death and these monogrammed beauties would be classy and comfy!

I'm obsessed with the bright fuchsia, shimmery gold and cobalt combo. 

BDG Knit Stripe Romper
This romper looks crazy comfy.

Metallic temporary tattoos by Flash Tattoos - Josephine
These would be insane for the beach and for date parties where wearing real jewelry is risky. 


Monday, March 10, 2014

Dear Diary, the perfect pairing - a Jack Rogers+Chubbies giveaway!

I love a good giveaway contest, especially when when it's one of my favorite brands! Jack Rogers, the quintessential summer sandal company has paired with Chubbies, the southern men's short shorts company. The contest is a His + Hers Giveaway, with the winner receiving a pair of Jack Rogers Sandals (for her) and a pair of Chubbies Shorts (for him). 

These things are essential for any college student's warm weather wardrobe! I think that the contest is aimed at cute preppy couples, but since the most important man in my life is the Sonic employee who gets my large half strawberry/half cranberry limeade easy ice no rinds drink right, it's a good thing I have a brother who can enter with me. Never heard of Chubbies? Their company has declared that pants are a necessary evil at best and everyone should spend as much time in shorts as possible, and thus have crafted their version of the perfect mens shorts. My brother is a huge fan of the brand and owns lord knows how many pairs... you can check out their brand here! Unfamiliar with Jack Rogers? Here is a link to their website. I hope your boyfriend isn' the jealous type because it won't take long to fall in love! 


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear Diary, this Columbia rain poncho is everything

Until very recently, I was unaware that Urban Outfitters had a category online for outdoor/workout/camping apparel. It's perfect for all the faux adventurers out there who want to look cool and off the beaten path by doing things like hiking, outdoor yoga or rock climbing. Or just maintaining an illusion that you work out but you don't buy into "mainstream" workout gear like like the rest of us in our Nike, Lulu, and VS yoga pants. But while perusing UO's website establishing a love/hate opinion of the new "Without Walls" arrivals, I spotted the most amazing, to-die-for, wildly unnecessary object I will never own but will patiently wait for it to go on clearance because hope keeps us going: 

It deflects rain, it might keep you dry, and most importantly- it drapes. 


Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Diary, d'Orsay is d'vine

d'Orsay is a chic shoe style that is very hot this season. They're like the bikini of the shoe world- a little on top, a little on bottom with the perfect amount of skin between. It's a mix between sandal and flat making them practical and flattering. They come in styles ranging from flats to heels of all heights. For all of us living in places where the weather heats way up- I suggest spending the extra buck for the real leather that will breathe better than anything faux. Here are a few of my favorites d'Orsay styles right now:
Tory Burch Viv Flat
Halogen 'Leta' Flat

Christian Louboutin Toboggan Specchio
Vince Claire Two-Piece Leather d'Orsay

Manolo Blahnik Iagu Scalloped Suede d'Orsay

Joie Florence Suede Flat
Madewell d'Orsay Flat in Suede