Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Diary, I'm in love with the Fall 2013 color trends

I wrote this article for my fashion column in the OU Odyssey, an all Greek written and run weekly newspaper. I love being in print but some articles like this one are really better online because of the lower restrictions on photos and the convenience of Polyvore. Enjoy!

Silhouettes and styles come and go but color trends set the mood of the season. Based on my research of fashion magazines, fall runways, and fashion blogs, this is a roundup of the most prominent hues for this season.

Black. Black is back and no not in an ironic “black is back” way. Head to toe ink made bold and frequent appearances on all the Fall 2013 runways. It’s dark, chic and sophisticated and so easy to do. Just make sure not to do an super dark smoky eye because then you begin to fall into more of a “Jenny Humphrey rebellious stage” look and that is not flattering on anyone.

Oxblood. What a fabulous color. It’s a deeper, richer red that makes a subtle statement while still adding color to any ensemble. Oxblood made an appearance on runways and in stores last year and is back yet again. It flatters almost every figure and skin tone, plus it can pass for crimson on game day. The best way to wear this hue is with colored denim skinny jeans, thick scarf, or lipstick. Essie has the perfect color ‘Skirting the Issue’ that would be an easy way to try the trend in a small sample.

Cobalt. Suddenly feeling blue isn’t such a bad thing! This hue bombed into my life when Kendra Scott rolled out the Harlow necklace in this deep blue and it is just a stunning color. It draws the eye and always makes a statement and accessories are the best way to do it. Suede heels, satchels, and stackable bangles are great ways to try this trend. Combining it with a bright yellow or emerald is a great way to add even more punch to this color.

Powder Pink. This might come as a surprise because pinks are usually a spring or summer shade, but this year they’re here for fall. It’s a less girly version of popping pink and much more versatile. Since its so subtle it serves as a neutral color that can be paired with a wide range of prints and solids. Crimson, Ebony, Charcoal, and olive are popular color matches.

Camel. A pallet-cleansing color that goes with anything, it’s hard to go wrong with camel. It looks great on all skin tones and is very versatile. The most popular way to wear this creamy color is on outerwear and footwear, even nail polish. And is there anything more classic than a camel coat for winter?

No matter which color trend you try, it’s hard to go wrong this season. With the abundance of rich hues and easy color matching being on trend is easier than ever!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dear Diary, I have a newfound love for animal sweaters

Animal sweaters have been vaguely in style for a few years now, but for some reason I never took them seriously. I mean it looks ridiculous, an animal just floating in the middle of a sweater. It's like a formal, knit version of a t-shirt. But for some reason, I've suddenly taken a interest (or obsession) with them. Here are some of my fav's available this season: 

New Look Inspire fluffy sheep sweater  

Banjo & Matilda Leopard Cashmere Sweater 
Mara Hoffman leopard sweater 

Ralph Lauren teddy bear sweater*

Ralph Lauren is doing a vintage line, thank goodness, and they're bringing back the iconic teddy bear sweater! You can read more about it here. I've been lusting after these adorable sweaters for a few years now but don't own one yet cause they're wildly expensive, but here is a link to eBay if you want to check out the true vintage ones for yourself. If there's a way to try this trend, its with an American classic. Regardless, there are plenty of ways to try this trend so walk, trot, and dive on in!