Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dear Diary, meet the twosie

Asos Reclaimed Vintage crop top and skirt
Rompers are one of my favorite trends because like a dress, one piece can be the entire outfit. Onesies are also great because the shorts factor keeps you feeling secure and ready for wherever the morning/afternoon/evening will take you. The problem with onesies, like with one-piece swimsuits, is that in order to go to the bathroom, you essentially must strip down to nothing to get your business done. This can be incredibly awkward, uncomfortable and without a doubt annoying. Luckily the fashion industry heard this, and the twosie was born. 
Asos Lotus Floral Frill top and skirt
This matching top and bottom trend has been around for a few seasons and I'm totally in love. Both pieces worn together makes you look trendy, and each piece can function on its own in your closet! Three options for two pieces? What a deal. 
ASOS Palm Beach Twosie 
If you are looking at this trend and think, "How odd, this is how toddlers dress," that's okay. Certain prints and styles are a bit more Hanna Anderson circa 1996, but there are plenty of options out there. Unfortunately not all stores have caught up to the 'twosie' lingo, so finding these sweet sets can sometimes be tricky. Luckily has picked it up and has twosies (and onesies) easily accessible on their website. 
Asos In Floral Print jacket and shorts
The matching jacket and bottoms are a look I'd love to rock in the office, but I'm pretty sure you'd have to be working in a very relaxed environment, or at least one that encourages trying all kinds of fashion trends to get away with it! Don't eliminate this trend too soon though- the midi length skirts with the matching top or jacket would be a perfect look for any working girl. Just be careful not to have an exposed stomach! The more fitted twosies look better with a little midriff while the looser cut styles can happily meet in the middle. 
American Apparel Raglan top and skirt

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